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Pick Up Your Bus Pass

All full-time students at Western have already paid for their bus passes in their student fees. See below for information about your bus pass. If you do not use the bus pass, you may NOT opt-out of the plan and ask for a refund. It is included as a mandatory part of your student fees.

USC Bus Pass - Full-time Undergraduate Students:

All full-time undergraduate students automatically receive a London Transit Commission bus pass. This pass is valid for the 12 months of the academic year from September 1st until August 31st. You may pick up your bus pass at the beginning of September in the UCC along with your USC student planner (called the ‘Westernizer’). Be sure to have your student WesternOne card with you when you pick these up. For more details visit the USC website.  

SOGS Bus Pass - Full-time Graduate Students:

All full-time SOGS members will receive a London Transit Commission bus pass. Since graduate students pay their fees by term, the annual pass consists of 3 term passes valid from September 1st - December 31st; January 1st - April 30th; and May 1st - August 31st.

New graduate students, your student card is your bus pass. Your student card can be picked up from Student Central (Room 1120, Western Student Services Building). When using the bus, tap your student card on the card reader located at the front door of the bus. If you previously completed studies at Western, you will have to replace your student card with the new version to access this service.

If you are a graduate student who started prior to September 2016, you may pick up your bus pass starting the week before each term in the SOGS office (Room 260, UCC). Be sure to have your student card with you. For more details visit the SOGS website.

Note: With the bus pass, students are able to ride on any city bus without having to pay the regular fare. Your WesternOne card and bus pass must be presented to the bus driver upon boarding a bus. If you do not have both documents with you when boarding the bus, you will be required to pay the regular fare. For more information on LTC bus fares, please visit the LTC website

If You Are Not Eligible for a USC/SOGS Bus Pass

You Can Pay Cash

For adults, the fare per ride on any bus is $2.75 (exact change only).

Bus Tickets

These are used instead of exact change each time you take the bus. They are sold at the London Transit Commission office, The Purple Store in UCC, and at many convenience stores. They come in sheets of five (5) tickets that cost $9.50 ($1.90 per ticket). Bus tickets are less expensive than paying the cash fare.

Bus Transfers

If you are not using a bus pass and you need to take more than one bus to reach your destination, you will need to ask for a “transfer” paper after you pay for your ride. This paper slip gives you approximately one hour and thirty minutes to get on your next bus (including return trips). When the next bus arrives, show the transfer paper to the bus driver instead of paying an additional fare. You may use the bus transfer paper as many times as you would like before it expires. Transfer papers also allow a stop over within the hour and thirty minutes time. Look at the bus schedule to find out when you need to be at the bus stop. Be there at least five minutes before the bus arrives.

Monthly Bus Passes and Semester Passes

If you will be using the bus every day and you don’t have a student bus pass, a monthly bus pass is an option for you. Passes allow an unlimited number of trips for $81.00 a month for adults. If you will only be using the bus Monday to Friday, a cheaper pass is available for $69.00. There is an additional one-time charge of $3.00 for your photograph identification.  Show your pass to the bus driver each time you get on the bus. The initial bus pass must be bought at the LTC office, as you must have your picture taken. After that, the monthly bus pass can also be purchased at Western Connections and some convenience stores.