Quarantine Requirements & Information

Western University is committed to supporting your arrival to campus. This page contains information on planning, booking, and completion of the 14-day quarantine required* to enter Canada.

Please note that travel requirements continue to change as announcements are made by the Canadian government. We understand that these changes may be of cause for concern to students planning to come to Western in the coming days and weeks. We will continue to provide updates as we have them.

*The Government of Canada recently announced quarantine exemptions for fully vaccinated travellers. For more information, visit our "Steps for Travelling to Canada" page. 

General information & contacts

All Western University, Brescia, Huron and King's University College students arriving from outside of Canada (including international students and Canadian citizens) are required to plan a 14-day quarantine and must register their travel and quarantine plan with Western prior to arrival in Canada.

Register Your Mandatory Travel & Quarantine Plan

If you have any questions about quarantine and arrivals please contact iescwelcome@uwo.ca.

Three-day government-approved hotel stay

As of August 9, 2021 at 12:01 am EDT, travellers are no longer required to complete a three-day government-approved hotel stay. You may go directly to your quarantine destination, following all requirements and public health measures.

Eligible students who arrived prior to August 9, 2021 and were required to complete the three-day government-approved hotel stay may apply for a reimbursement of up to maximum of $2,000. Please note that reimbursement claims will be processed after the student has arrived in Canada and has completed the three-day government approved hotel stay. You may be required to set up a direct deposit account. For instructions on how to set up an account, see below.

Graduate Students: Follow the instructions found at uwo.ca/hr/my_hr/grad_students.html.

Undergraduate Students: Log in at student.uwo.ca. Click on "Enrol in Direct Deposit" in the Finances section and input your banking information. Once your reimbursement has been processed, you will receive a follow-up email about your direct deposit notification.

If you have questions, please contact iescwelcome@uwo.ca.

Quarantine accommodation options: self- or Western-arranged

Western-Arranged Quarantine Accommodations:

Western is recommending that newly arriving main campus students requiring quarantine participate in  Western-arranged quarantine accommodations and meal service , offered at a subsidized rate of $100 per day.*  

Brescia, Huron and King's students: please contact your individual international offices for direction and assistance with quarantine accommodations.  

Brescia International        Huron International       King's International

Self-Arranged Quarantine Accommodations:

Students who choose to self-arrange their quarantine accommodations will be asked to acknowledge and confirm on their Travel & Quarantine Plan registration form that their accommodations are in compliance with  Government of Canada requirements under the Quarantine Act .  

* The subsidized rate for full-degree main campus students (all programs, all years) and WELC students entering a program on main campus is $100/day plus applicable taxes, if you are entering Canada for the first time for the 2021-22 academic year to study at Western University main campus. Students who are currently in Canada who choose to travel internationally and return (for example on winter or summer break) are not eligible for the subsidized rate. The full cost (non-subsidized) of quarantine accommodations and meal service is approximately $2,100.  

Self-arranged quarantine evaluation checklist

Some important questions to consider if you are thinking about arranging your own quarantine:

  • Do you have a plan for accessing basic necessities including food, medication and supplies?
  • Do you have a credit card that works in Canada? Many delivery services do not accept cash, and you will not be able to set up a bank account until after you complete your quarantine.  
  • Will you have access to a phone so that Canada Border Services and Public Health authorities can contact you, and so that you can contact help for health issues, or order food and other necessities?
  • Will you have the ability to receive food delivery with zero-contact? Please see Other Support Needs for possible solutions.
  • Do your accommodations ensure that you will have no contact with people who are 65 years or older, have underlying medical conditions or compromised immune systems?
  • Will you have access to your own washroom?
  • Will you be fully isolated if you are living in a group or community living arrangement including sharing a small apartment; living in the same household with large families or many people; having roommates who have not travelled with you that you can’t avoid shared spaces/contact with?

If you answered no to any of these questions you should book Western-arranged quarantine accommodations. Students who cannot confirm suitable quarantine accommodations within their quarantine registration form will be directed to 
Western-arranged quarantine accommodations .  

Use IRCC's quarantine assessment tool if you are unsure or for questions or assistance about your particular situation, please contact  iescwelcome@uwo.ca

Dos and don'ts of quarantine

In addition to  general quarantine and health and safety guidelines provided by the Canadian government,  here are some additional dos and don’ts of quarantine:  

Quarantine Dos:

Arranging for quarantine  

  • We encourage you to book your quarantine accommodations through Western. Payment is required in advance at time of booking. Accommodations are provided in local hotels and food delivery is scheduled three times per day. By choosing to book with Western you will have the security of knowing that if your credit card or phone doesn't work for some reason, Western will be able to support you and ensure you have what you need while in quarantine.
  • For students who are fully vaccinated, booking your quarantine plan with Western will offer the most flexible arrangements if you are deemed exempt from the quarantine upon your arrival. Western-arranged quarantine accommodations can be cancelled by contacting conference.services@uwo.ca as soon as possible after you are deemed exempt. 
  • Ensure you are aware of important considerations and logistics if you are planning your own quarantine location (at a hotel, AirBnB, or apartment building, etc.), such as:  
    • Making sure you have your own bathroom. Some hotels have shared bathrooms so be sure to check ahead of travelling.  
    • Confirming how food be delivered to your particular room. You are not permitted to leave your space to meet delivery orders and most delivery services do not accept cash. Most require a bank card or credit card that works in Canada. You should plan for this ahead of time, as you will not be able to visit a bank until after your quarantine is complete.  
  • Pack enough clothes, medication, etc. to last you for at least your 14-day quarantine, if possible.  
  • Make sure to travel with your medical and immunization (vaccination) records, prescriptions and medications. 
  • Make sure you also bring money and a credit card (note: you will not be able to set up bank accounts or credit cards while in quarantine, so it's important you have a means of paying for essential needs such as medications) to last you for at least your 14-day quarantine and your first few days as you get things set up.  


While travelling:  

  • Travel directly to your quarantine destination. Do not make any stops or take public transportation.
  • If you meet the Government of Canada requirements for full vaccination, you may not be required to quarantine. Students who meet quarantine exemption conditions will still have to:
    • wear a mask in public (at all times, indoors and outdoors) during the 14 days after entry to Canada
    • maintain a list of names and contact information of close contacts and locations visited, and follow any other public health measures for London/Ontario.
    • if you are selected randomly to complete an arrival test and the result is positive, immediately self-isolate, follow your registered quarantine plan, and a member of your local public health authority will contact you.
    • following the 14-day period, continue to follow all public health measures as directed by the local public health authority. 
  • Western students must book travel from Toronto Pearson Airport to London with RobertQ Airbus to bring you safely to London and directly to your residence or other quarantine destination. Bookings are available at 50% of the regular fare.  
  • For other transportation information, visit the transportation page.
  • Wear a suitable mask or face covering while in transit.  


During your quarantine  

  • Remain in your quarantine location at all times, unless it is to seek medical attention. During this time, you are not permitted to leave your suite for any reason, including to go for walks, to go the front desk, to the building door for a delivery, to do laundry, etc.  
  • Explore ways to virtually connect and participate in programming and activities  
  • Contact  Student Health Care  if you have COVID-19 symptoms or any other health concerns.  


Quarantine Don'ts:

  • Don't leave your place of quarantine unless it is to seek medical attention,  even if you are wearing a mask. During this time, you are not permitted to leave your suite/room or private home for any reason, including to go for walks, to go the front desk, to the building door for a delivery, to do laundry, etc.  
  • Don't have any guests or visitors  
  • Don't leave your residence suite/room/apartment for meals.  
  • Don't order any deliveries (food, groceries, packages, etc.) to your Western-arranged quarantine accommodations. Meal service is included as part of the best negotiated guest room rate. Food delivery services are not permitted within hotels or to the front desk.  


If you have any questions, please contact the IESC welcome team.  

Government of Canada Quarantine Instructions


Western-Arranged Quarantine Accommodations FAQ

How do I know if my housing is suitable or not suitable for quarantine?

The Government of Canada has provided advice for travellers regarding suitable self-quarantine arrangements (see Coronavirus public health website). There are also additional requirements for international students.

Please review the  Self-arranged quarantine evaluation checklist above to determine if your own accommodations will meet quarantine requirements.

Every individual situation is different. You must make the best choice for your own health and the health of others, keeping in mind the strict public health requirements. Canada Border Services officers will look to confirm your quarantine plan is acceptable and has been entered in the ArriveCAN app upon arrival in Canada, regardless of vaccination status.

Are Western-arranged quarantine accommodations available for the fall term?

Yes, Western will arrange and support quarantine accommodations for students arriving for fall 2021. Arrangements for fall term are available now for Canadian and international students. Learn more here.

What is the benefit of Western-arranged quarantine accommodations?

  • Western-arranged accommodations are located in safe and secure hotels within London, where meal service is provided (three meals per day).
  • Western staff work closely with hotel staff to ensure any special dietary requirements, accessibility or other important needs are arranged ahead of time.
  • Payment is made ahead of time for accommodations and meals so you won't have to worry about having to have a credit card for expenses, or arranging contact-less delivery of food and other essentials.
  • A logistics coordinator will provide written confirmation of your quarantine details so that you can easily enter them in the ArriveCAN app.

What is the cost of Western-arranged quarantine accommodations?

The cost of Western-arranged quarantine accommodations is $100 per day, including meal service.

This subsidized rate is available to full-degree students newly (all programs, all years) arriving from outside of Canada to study at Western University main campus. Students who are currently in Canada who choose to travel internationally and return are not eligible for the subsidized rate. The full cost (non-subsidized) of Western-arranged quarantine accommodations and meal service is approximately $2,100.

Brescia, Huron and King's students: please contact your individual international offices for direction and assistance with quarantine accommodations.

What will the accommodation be like?

Western-arranged quarantine accommodations will be in a local hotel, close to campus. Room types and amenities vary depending on the location and student requirements.

All locations include complimentary wifi, cable television, one linen change, standard room amenities such as soap and shampoo and three meals delivered to your guestroom.

If parking is required we will make every effort to place you at a hotel that includes complimentary parking.

If you are travelling with a spouse, partner or child, we will make sure that you are placed at a suitable location.

Where will the off-campus quarantine accommodation be located?

Western-arranged quarantine locations are located in local hotels.

If I book accommodations and then find out I cannot travel or make other arrangements, can I get a refund?

Refunds are available if booking is cancelled 48 hours prior to the date of the reservation. However, students will be charged a 3.5% administrative fee (Approximately $78 CAD for a single student reservation).

Why is there a mandatory meal plan? Can I just order in my own food?

For the safety of students and other hotel guests, delivery services are not permitted in off-campus quarantine hotel accommodations. We have included a meal package as part of the best negotiated guestroom rate. Students in quarantine are required to stay in their guestroom, and won’t be allowed to receive food deliveries at the front desk. You also won’t be allowed to receive items ordered through independent services such as Uber Eats or similar.

If students have specific dietary requirements, they can discuss options with their logistics coordinator in advance of arrival to ensure they receive appropriate meals.

I am coming to London with my partner/spouse and/or children. Can they stay with me in Western-arranged quarantine accommodations?

If you are travelling with a spouse, partner or child we will make sure that you are placed at a suitable location to accommodate your family. Rates are based on single double family occupancy. There will be additional charges for meal service.

I am travelling with a friend. Can we quarantine together?

If your friend is also a Western student in need of suitable quarantine accommodations, then yes. If you require these arrangements, only have one individual register, then please email your logistics coordinator once you have registered. There will be an additional charge for the second meal service that would need to be purchased during registration.

If the friend is not a Western student, then unfortunately they are not eligible to stay in Western-arranged quarantine accommodations.

My parents are accompanying me to London to help me settle in. Can they complete their self-quarantine with me?

Western-arranged quarantine accommodations are only available for Western students and their partners/spouses/children who intend to stay in London long-term with the student. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate parents or other family members who will be in Canada for a short time.

Important Note: It is unclear if parents of students will meet the qualifications for non-discretionary travel under the Government of Canada’s current travel restrictions. We recommended that you download the ArriveCAN app AND Contact the Canada Border Services Agency office at the port of entry where you plan to arrive to determine if they will be permitted to enter the country.

What if I can’t afford to pay for Western-arranged quarantine accommodations?

If students need assistance to cover the costs of quarantine, they are encouraged to apply for an International Student Bursary through the Office of the Registrar. This bursary is available to undergraduate students for fall 2021.

Is parking available at the Western-arranged quarantine accommodations?

Yes, parking is available at all locations and included in with negotiated package at almost all of the properties. If you require parking please email your logistics coordinator once you have registered for self-quarantine accommodations.

Is there a specific move-in date required for Western-arranged accommodations, similar to residence move-in?

Western-arranged quarantine accommodations will be available throughout the fall term. Students are requested to register/book accommodations at least two weeks prior to travel.

Western will continue to support off-campus quarantine arrangements for all Western students who require assistance.

Are move-in days for Western-arranged quarantine accommodations up to each student, or is there a specific time period designated?

We have allowed you the flexibility to start your self-quarantine based on your travel and flight arrangements. Western will continue to support off-campus quarantine arrangements for all Western students who require assistance throughout the fall term.

Can I arrange for deliveries of supplies or other goods while in quarantine?

Food delivery services will not be permitted. However, if you have essential needs such as medications, you may arrange for deliveries to be sent to the hotel front desk and we will arrange delivery to your room.