Off-Campus Quarantine Accommodations FAQ

Effective immediately, all Western University, Brescia, Huron and King's students arriving from outside of Canada (including international students and Canadian citizens) are required to complete a 14-day quarantine and must register their quarantine plan with Western prior to arrival in Canada.


Volunteers will connect with you through the contact information provided in your registration. Students are now required by the Ontario government to be tested for COVID-19 at the end of their quarantine period.

Students are strongly encouraged to stay in Western-arranged quarantine accommodations. Please see some questions and answers below about the accommodations and meal service.

Should you choose to stay in self-arranged quarantine accommodations, you must confirm acknowledgement of the requirements as directed by public health authorities in your quarantine plan.

If you have additional questions, please contact 

How do I know if my housing is suitable or not suitable for quarantine?

The Government of Canada has provided advice for travellers regarding suitable self-quarantine arrangements. Please consult the Coronavirus public health website for the most up-to-date details.

There may also be considerations for your roommates or housemates. Every individual situation is different. You must make the best choice for your own health and the health of others, keeping in mind the strict public health requirements. Canada Border Services Agents will ask for your quarantine plan upon arrival in Canada.

What is the cost of Western-arranged quarantine accommodations?

The cost of Western-arranged quarantine accommodations is $100 per day, including meal service.

This subsidized rate is available to full-degree students newly (all programs, all years) arriving from outside of Canada to study at Western University main campus. Students who are currently in Canada who choose to travel internationally and return (for example on winter break) are not eligible for the subsidized rate. The full cost (non-subsidized) of Western-arranged quarantine accommodations and meal service is approximately $2,100.

Brescia, Huron and King's students: please contact your individual international offices for direction and assistance with quarantine accommodations.

What will the accommodation be like?

Off-campus quarantine accommodations will be in a local hotel, close to campus. Room types and amenities vary depending on the location and student requirements.

All locations include complimentary wifi, cable television, one linen change, standard room amenities like soap and shampoo and three meals delivered to your guestroom.

If parking is required we will make every effort to place you at a hotel that includes complimentary parking.

If you are travelling with a spouse, partner or child, we will make sure that you are placed at a suitable location.

Where will the off-campus quarantine accommodation be located?

Off-campus quarantine locations are located in local hotels.

If I book accommodations and then find out I cannot travel or make other arrangements, can I get a refund?

Refunds are available if booking is cancelled 48 hours prior to the date of the reservation. However, students will be charged a 3.5% administrative fee (Approximately $78 CAD for a single student reservation).

Why is there a mandatory meal plan? Can I just order in my own food?

For the safety of students and other hotel guests, delivery services are not permitted in off-campus quarantine hotel accommodations. We have included a meal package as part of the best negotiated guestroom rate. Students in quarantine are required to stay in their guestroom, and won’t be allowed to receive food deliveries at the front desk. You also won’t be allowed to receive items ordered through independent services such as Uber Eats or similar.

If students have specific dietary requirements, they can discuss options with their logistics coordinator in advance of arrival to ensure they receive appropriate meals.

I am coming to London with my partner/spouse and/or children. Can they stay with me in off-campus quarantine accommodations?

If you are travelling with a spouse, partner or child we will make sure that you are placed at a suitable location to accommodate your family. Rates are based on single double family occupancy. There will be additional charges for meal service.

I am travelling with a friend. Can we quarantine together?

If your friend is also a Western student in need of suitable self-quarantine accommodations, then yes. There would be an occupancy premium of $25 per night so that the second person was registered. If you require these arrangements, only have one individual register, then please email your logistics coordinator once you have registered. There will be an additional charge for the second meal service that would need to be purchased during registration.

If the friend is not a Western student, then unfortunately they are not eligible to stay in Western-arranged off-campus quarantine accommodations.

My parents are accompanying me to London to help me settle in. Can they complete their self-quarantine with me?

Off-campus quarantine accommodations are only available for Western students and their partners/spouses/children who intend to stay in London long-term with the student. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate parents or other family members who will be in Canada for a short time.

Important Note: It is unclear if parents of students will meet the qualifications for non-discretionary travel under the Government of Canada’s current travel restrictions. We recommended that you download the ArriveCAN app AND Contact the Canada Border Services Agency office at the port of entry where you plan to arrive to determine if they will be permitted to enter the country.

What if I can’t afford to pay for off-campus quarantine accommodations?

If students need assistance to cover the costs of quarantine, they are encouraged to apply for an International Student Bursary through the Office of the Registrar. This bursary is available to both undergraduate and graduate students for fall 2020.

Is parking available at the off-campus quarantine accommodations?

Yes, parking is available at all locations and included in with negotiated package at almost all of the properties. If you require parking please email your logistics coordinator once you have registered for self-quarantine accommodations.

Is there a specific move-in date required for off-campus accommodations, similar to residence move-in?

Off-campus quarantine accommodations will be available throughout the fall and winter terms. Students are requested to register/book accommodations at least two weeks prior to travel.

Western will continue to support off-campus quarantine arrangements for all Western students who require assistance.

Are move-in days for off-campus quarantine accommodations up to each student, or is there a specific time period designated?

There is no specific timeframe for move-in to off-campus quarantine accommodations. We have allowed you the flexibility to start your self-quarantine based on your travel and flight arrangements. Western will continue to support off-campus quarantine arrangements for all Western students who require assistance throughout the fall and winter terms.

Can I arrange for deliveries of supplies or other goods while in quarantine?

Food delivery services will not be permitted. However, if you have essential needs such as medications, you may arrange for deliveries to be sent to the hotel front desk and we will arrange delivery to your room.

Are off-campus quarantine accommodations only for the fall 2020 term, or can I apply for the winter term too?

Yes, Western will arrange and support off-campus quarantine accommodations for students arriving for winter 2021,. Arrangements for winter term are available now for Canadian students, and will be available to international students subject to approval of Western's COVID-19 readiness plan and lifting of travel restrictions.

We would suggest that you wait until Western announces its plan has been approved before booking for the winter term. Please check the International Arrival website regularly for updates.