Dos and Don'ts of Quarantine

In addition to general quarantine and health and safety guidelines provided by the Canadian government, here are some additional dos and don’ts of quarantine:

Quarantine Dos

Arranging for quarantine 

  • Ensure you are aware of important considerations and logistics if you are planning your own quarantine location (at a hotel, AirBnB, or apartment building, etc.), such as:
    • Making sure you have your own bathroom. Some hotels have shared bathrooms so be sure to check ahead of travelling
    • Confirming how food be delivered to your particular room. You are not permitted to leave your space to meet delivery orders and most delivery services do not accept cash. Most require a bank card or credit card that works in Canada. You should plan for this ahead of time, as you will not be able to visit a bank until after your quarantine is complete
  • Consider booking your quarantine through Western's off-campus quarantine plan, which is pay-ahead and has food delivery 3 times per day
  • Pack enough clothes, medication, etc. to last you for at least your 14-day quarantine, if possible
  • Make sure to travel with your medical and immunization (vaccination) records, prescriptions and medications
  • Make sure you also bring money and a credit card (note: you will not be able to set up bank accounts or credit cards while in quarantine, so it's important you have a means of paying for essential needs such as medications) to last you for at least 14-day quarantine and your first few days after that as you get things set up

While travelling:

  • Go directly to your place of quarantine without stopping, if possible, and stay there for 14 days from the date you arrived in Canada. Western students must book travel from Toronto Pearson Airport to London with RobertQ Airbus to bring you safely to London and directly to your residence or other quarantine destination, unless you plan to travel by private car. For other transportation information, visit our website
  • Wear a suitable mask or face covering while in transit

During your quarantine

  • Remain in your quarantine location at all times, unless it is to seek medical attention. During this time you are not permitted to leave your suite for any reason, including to go for walks, to go the front desk, to the building door for a delivery, to do laundry, etc.
  • Explore ways to virtually connect and participate in programming and activities
  • Contact Student Health Care with any health-related concerns

General Don'ts of Quarantine

  • Don't leave your place of quarantine unless it is to seek medical attention, even if you are wearing a mask. During this time, you are not permitted to leave your suite/room or private home for any reason, including to go for walks, to go the front desk, to the building door for a delivery, to do laundry, etc.
  • Don't have any guests or visitors
  • Don't leave your residence suite/room/apartment for meals.
  • Don't order any deliveries (food, groceries, packages, etc.) to your Western-arranged, off-campus hotel quarantine accommodations. Meal packages have been included as part of the best negotiated guestroom rate. Food delivery services is be permitted

If you have any questions, please contact our IESC team.

Government of Canada Quarantine Instructions