Transportation from the Airport

From Toronto Pearson Airport

The Government of Canada has provided specific recommendations for travel to your quarantine destination, once you arrive at the airport/your port of entry.

Western students must book travel from Toronto Pearson Airport to London with RobertQ Airbus to bring you safely to London and directly to your residence or other quarantine destination, unless you plan to travel by private car.

Note: students arriving from outside of Canada are not permitted to take any form of public transportation (bus, train etc.) to travel from Toronto Pearson Airport to their quarantine destination.

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Students: select "Student" price/fare, then use the promo code WEST in the payment section of the booking.

 To make a reservation by phone, call toll free 24 hours/day: 1-800-265-4948 or 519-673-6804

RobertQ has put many procedures in place to ensure passengers remain safe, including reduced passenger loads, mandatory masks and other policies.

Important Information:

  • ** Students should wait to receive their quarantine location address from either housing or conference services before they book their RobertQ transportation so they can properly select the correct drop off location
  • The promo code WEST may be used for any Western student arriving at Toronto Pearson Airport, regardless if they are staying on campus, in prearranged off-campus quarantine accommodations, or their personal off-campus housing.
  • Please add 4 to 5 hours after your flight arrival time when selecting your pick-up time. This is to allow for landing, deboarding, clearing customs and Study Permit processing time (if applicable).
  • You will need the following required information before completing your booking: airline, fight number, email and phone number.

When you arrive at the Airport:

  • RobertQ Airbus picks up from Terminal 1 (Door A) and Terminal 3 (Post 7) at Toronto Pearson Airport
  • A RobertQ desk is located on the ground level of Terminal 1 between posts 'R' and 'S'
  • In Terminal 3, report to the "Out of Town Services" desk, inside to the right of door 'C' on the arrivals level
  • Due to COVID-19, agents are not present at the RobertQ desks. Students should call 1-800-265-4948 or 519-673-6804 to check-in
  • Check-in is required at least 15 minutes before your Airbus departure time

 RobertQ Frequently Asked Questions


From London International Airport

Students may take a taxi directly from London International Airport to your destination for quarantine, as long as face coverings/masks are worn and other precautions are followed.

Some taxi companies may ask pre-screening questions, limit the number passengers or require advanced booking.
We recommend you call the taxi company and ask about COVID-19 precautions.

London Taxi Companies:

Taxis charge either per kilometer, or per zone and all charge a small fee as soon as you sit down ($3-$4)

Note: It is customary to tip the driver 10-15%.