Support at Western

Ally Western

USC's Ally Western strives to create a safe and inclusive campus by providing free educational workshops on various diversity issues.

Equity & Human Rights Services

Equity and Human Rights Services (EHRS) provides information on the university’s discrimination and harassment (e.g., racial and sexual harassment) policies, employment equity and diversity and other human rights related issues. In a confidential manner, they can assist students, faculty and staff by providing advice to those who feel they have been harassed or discriminated against, as well as receiving and mediating complaints.

LGBTTIQQ2SA+ Counselling

Psychological Services has several counsellors with expertise in the provision of services to LGBTTIQQ2SA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, 2-Spirited, Asexual) students. They have experience in assisting students with coming out issues, family matters, isolation, dealing with queer phobia on campus and many other concerns.

Office of the Ombudsperson

The Office of the Ombudsperson assists students with academic and nonacademic problems and in reviewing their rights. The office can suggest various strategies for managing conflicts and challenges.

Peer Support Centre

USC's Peer Support Centre is a resource centre and safe space for all students. By fostering a spirit of openness and understanding through peer-based support, the goal of the centre is to provide students with an accessible, welcoming and accommodating service.

Peer Support Network

USC's Peer Support Network encompasses seven student-led support services that are available to all students on Western’s campus. The goal of each support service is to provide the campus community with awareness of social issues, support for marginalized groups, advocacy initiatives to improve the lives of undergraduate students at Western and volunteer opportunities for interested students.

The Pride Library

The Pride Library offers a diverse and expanding range of international literature, ideal for researching LGBTTIQ2A+ issues. A specialized collection of international films are available for individual or group viewing.

Pride Western

USC's Pride Western is a service dedicated to the gender and sexually diverse community on campus. The organization promotes awareness and advocacy through a variety of programs, including the annual Pride Week, movie nights, socials and coffee houses.

SOGS’ Pride Commissioner

The Pride Commissioner advocates on behalf of the LGBTTIQQ2SA+ SOGS members and helps connect students to resources and support regarding Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, 2-Spirited, and Asexual issues.

Spectrum (USC Club)

Spectrum is a social club for undergraduate students. They have hosted many social events and a formal Ball for LGBTQIA+ students. Spectrum seeks to provide opportunities for LGBTQIA+ to connect in a safe and supportive environment.

UniQ SupporT

UniQ SupporT: An intersectional LGBTQIA2S+ affirmative psychoeducation and support group

We know it can both be amazing and sometimes difficult to be a lesbian, gay, bi, trans (including binary and non-binary), queer, intersex, asexual, or Two-Spirit person (LGBTQIA2S+). Would you like to talk to other students who are members of the rainbow family and perhaps experiencing similar things to you? Would you like to explore your wonderful resilience and perhaps learn new coping strategies to deal with heterosexism and cissexism? Then please consider joining us at UniQ SupporT!

UniQ SupporT is an intersectional LGBTQIA2S+ affirmative psychoeducation and support group for current Western students. It is a closed group (not drop-in) for students who are members of the LGBTQIA2S+ community. UniQ SupporT is held in an accessible room in a low traffic area, with an accessible gender-neutral bathroom very close by. Held at different dates and sessions throughout the academic year.

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