Abhishek & Aaron


"I was nervous in my first week and wasn't sure if I would make friends here. I met Aaron at the IESC orientation event for international students. I realised that we both actually stayed a few kilometers away from each other back home in Mumbai. We both went to university and spent a lot of time in that city but we never met even once there. We hit it off immediately here because we had so much in common already. But what was special was that we always had a bit of home here in Canada while we were navigating this new landscape of adjusting in a new culture. It was nice to meet Aaron over the weekends and discuss our experiences back home and here in Canada. We would explore different parts of the city together like going ice skating in Victoria Park, eating at Symposium Cafe, exploring Campus events, going shopping for weekly groceries and attending our first football game in Canada together. Even though we came here to study different subjects (teacher training and sustainability studies) we realized we had so much in common. I learned that sometimes even one common past experience can lead to a great friendship in a new context.  Here is a picture of us with the university mascot at the game."