Aya & Linden

Aya and Linden“I met Linden on the first day of school. Coming all the way from Jordan, I was not sure how I would get along with people at Western.

From the first day, I shared plenty of laughs with Linden and similar thoughts and remarks. Just in one day, I figured out I have found a new friend for life. Three days later, we ended up sitting for about four hours talking, and sharing our life stories, our dreams, some tears, and laughs. We discovered too many similarities and differences between us; we discovered our different cultures from our descriptions, feelings, and thoughts.

The first time I invited Linden to my house to taste a traditional homemade food, she got my husband and me each two pairs of Canadian socks and a jar of Maple syrup! As her birthday approached, I managed a similar cultural gift from Jordan. I gifted Linden, a set of dead sea natural products, a set of cups coasters and a traditional wall art. She was so happy with the gift, and I figured out that despite our differences we love to discover new things and share our backgrounds.

I think my year would not have been the same without sharing it with Linden, in several moments I found a shoulder to cry on, as well as she did, and I found an ear that would listen to me despite all what is going on.

We are both so talkative and love to ask questions, in class, we two would be the most active among all. Thus, we ended up sharing a major part of our program, working on a consulting project that we fought for taking because it was interesting for both of us. I am so grateful for each moment we have shared.”