Cleyton & Nolwenn

Cleyton and Nolwenn“I’m Cleyton and as soon as I knew about the photo contest I decided to participate and one of the friendship stories I would like to share is definitely with Nolwenn and we decided to write a little bit about each other: Once someone told me that French people are not friendly. Well, actually I can say the opposite, because since I met her at my first Global café, at Western, we always have great conversations and she is always super nice to me. She’s very open minded and she’s always ready to help me with my doubts in my French studies and supporting me when I try to practice it.

I’m Nolwenn and I’ve met Cleyton at Global Café, and at the moment he knew I was French, he started talking in an absolutely perfect French! When I asked him where he learnt it, he just told me that he studied by himself, watching videos, listening music and reading. I was so impressed! He knows so many French singers, expressions and culture! His French is so perfect, even today I can’t imagine how it is possible to learn a language so perfectly just by reading and watching video, I guess it is because Cleyton is really open minded and wants to learn from other people and culture so he found the motivation to learn something else to be able to communicate more and discover more! He is always smiling and ready to have a great conversation about everything, I like spending time in Global Café with him, he is one of the encounter that I will remember with a big smile, and the feeling that I met a great and amazing person!”