Hajra & Nicky

Hajra_Nicky_sized.jpgFrom Nicky:

When you are new to a foreign country, it takes some time before you feel at home. Making new friends is an essential part of this process. After arriving in Canada, I felt lost. Luckily, the Global Cafe was brought to my attention. The first time I went, I did not know what to expect and felt a kind of lonely. However, I met a lot of new people within no time. One of these people is Hajra. I am very grateful that I have met her during my first visit to Global Café. She made me feel at home. Although we grew up at the other side of the world (Pakistan vs. the Netherlands), faith led us to meet each other at Western.

We agreed to start taking sport classes together, and I would learn Hajra how to swim. However, we were not able to start all of these amazing plans because of the exceptional circumstances that we are in at the moment. However, not being able to physically see each other does not stop us from being in touch with each other. We inform how the other is doing, and talk about everything that is (not) going on in our lives. Despite the social isolation, we don’t feel alone because we are still able to talk to each other. I am looking forward to seeing her again very soon!

From Hajra

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that new world is born”. A new world was born when me and Nicky Van Den Berg (low key want to steal that cool name of hers) met each other in the global café, a world where we both value each other, where we make each other happy with the comfort and warmth of friendship. Nicky means a lot to me and I am really glad to have met her and the time I spend with her is always the best time. We can talk for hours standing on the road missing our busses, her teaching me how to swim and hundreds of small chats that we do to keep a check on each other. Thank you! Global café for providing the chance to meet a friend from a different educational and cultural background and letting me to get to know how amazing she is and how amazing her culture is! Thank you for all the other amazing friends too!