International Friendships

Worried about making friends at Western? Don’t be! Inside or outside of class, you can meet people from all over the world! Here are a few submissions from students who have made valuable friendships at Western:

Aya & Linden

Aya and Linden“I met Linden on the first day of school. Coming all the way from Jordan, I was not sure how I would get along with people at Western.

From the first day, I shared plenty of laughs with Linden and similar thoughts and remarks. Just in one day, I figured out I have found a new friend for life. Three days later, we ended up sitting for about four hours talking, and sharing our life stories, our dreams, some tears, and laughs. We discovered too many similarities and differences between us; we discovered our different cultures from our descriptions, feelings, and thoughts.

The first time I invited Linden to my house to taste a traditional homemade food, she got my husband and me each two pairs of Canadian socks and a jar of Maple syrup! As her birthday approached, I managed a similar cultural gift from Jordan. I gifted Linden, a set of dead sea natural products, a set of cups coasters and a traditional wall art. She was so happy with the gift, and I figured out that despite our differences we love to discover new things and share our backgrounds.

I think my year would not have been the same without sharing it with Linden, in several moments I found a shoulder to cry on, as well as she did, and I found an ear that would listen to me despite all what is going on.

We are both so talkative and love to ask questions, in class, we two would be the most active among all. Thus, we ended up sharing a major part of our program, working on a consulting project that we fought for taking because it was interesting for both of us. I am so grateful for each moment we have shared.”

Cleyton & Nolwenn

Cleyton and Nolwenn“I’m Cleyton and as soon as I knew about the photo contest I decided to participate and one of the friendship stories I would like to share is definitely with Nolwenn and we decided to write a little bit about each other: Once someone told me that French people are not friendly. Well, actually I can say the opposite, because since I met her at my first Global café, at Western, we always have great conversations and she is always super nice to me. She’s very open minded and she’s always ready to help me with my doubts in my French studies and supporting me when I try to practice it.

I’m Nolwenn and I’ve met Cleyton at Global Café, and at the moment he knew I was French, he started talking in an absolutely perfect French! When I asked him where he learnt it, he just told me that he studied by himself, watching videos, listening music and reading. I was so impressed! He knows so many French singers, expressions and culture! His French is so perfect, even today I can’t imagine how it is possible to learn a language so perfectly just by reading and watching video, I guess it is because Cleyton is really open minded and wants to learn from other people and culture so he found the motivation to learn something else to be able to communicate more and discover more! He is always smiling and ready to have a great conversation about everything, I like spending time in Global Café with him, he is one of the encounter that I will remember with a big smile, and the feeling that I met a great and amazing person!”

Lay & Ahmed

Lay and Ahmed“I would like to add one of my funniest picture with an amazing person.


I don’t know , what should I say about you. Thanks for everything.

I still remembered, the day when we first met in ‘ Wich & Wich ‘ and you made everyone surprised by speaking 5 different languages. You are such a god gifted person.

I can’t describe about our friendship in such a short paragraph, but one thing I want to tell about is On one hand you are as funny as Mr. Bean & other hand you are best caring & emotional person.

We did all the crazy thing and it’s really fun when people say to me that’ You looks like Ahmed’s younger Brother !! ‘ Haha what else we want from people to say about our friendship.

I learnt a lot from you whether it’s your culture , Guitar, languages or how to make mimicry ! [LOL] !! I really gonna Miss you Man!!

Thanks for everything Ahmed.


Lay Tailor

Elizabeth & Duncan

Elizabeth and Duncan“In the first year of university, I was lucky enough to meet my best friend Duncan Bissell, in a very convenient manner; his room was right next door. Our first conversation went something like this:

Ellie: Your accent.

Duncan: What about it?

Ellie: Where are you from?

Duncan: Vancouver. Now I’m no master in accents or geography, but I was pretty sure people from Vancouver didn’t sound like that. My confusion must have shown, for he quickly hurried on.

Duncan: Well, the UK originally. What about you?

Ellie: I’m American! Duncan: You say that like it’s a good thing.

Thus began a long and pun filled friendship. Duncan is a master of cheap humor, and because I am easily amused, we get along splendidly. But more than that, we have bonded over the past year and a half through our shared foreignness, love of late night take-out, and confusion while studying Business 2257.

Duncan has taught me an abundance of British words over the course of our friendship, including, but not limited to:

Whilst: a fancy version of while

Naught: none or zero

Blotto: drinking away your sorrows Meanwhile, I have taught him the true meaning of freedom.

You can find us in the Cardboard Cafe, happily sipping coffee whilst Duncan crushes me in scrabble.

You can find us at The Ceeps, receiving quizzical looks from the bouncer for the American driver’s license and British passport.

You can find us in the Mustang Lounge at 2:00 a.m., surrounded by empty Domino’s pizza boxes.

But wherever you find us, you’ll find us together.


Ellie Sak (the American)”

Abby & Alyssa

Abby and Alyssa“My name is Abby and that’s Alyssa next to me! I am a second year student studying financial modelling and she’s a fourth year student studying international history. We both are transition program assistants working at IESC and that’s how we turned out to be friends by volunteering together on every Thursday’s global cafe! Alyssa is super nice and chill about everything and I just like her style!”

Ronnie & Rachel

Ronnie and Rachel“Rachel is Chinese.

Ronnie is Brazilian.

Rachel is an undergraduate student.

Ronnie, a PhD visiting researcher.

Rachel was the first person that Ronnie met at Global Cafe. Ronnie is the first Brazilian person that Rachel ever met.

In common circumstances, they’d be separated by over 16,638 kilometers, more than 1 and a half billions of people (population of China and Brazil) and a little bit of coincidence to be in the same place and the same time to meet.

However, a Chinese proverb says that “there is an invisible thread that connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, and circumstance”. Thus, they happen to become friends at Western University and despite of all their busy days of studying, research and papers, they always find time for talks, laughter, coffee and fun.

Now, there is a lasting and visible thread connecting China and Brazil. It is called friendship, and it does pass through Canada.”

Isabela & Reyna

Isabela and Reyna“Our friendship started organically when we were both new PhD students in the chemical and biochemical engineering department. I am an international student from Indonesia and arrived in Canada after finishing my Master in the USA. Reyna Gomez is an energetic and intelligent young woman from Mexico who absolutely loves her soccer and her tacos.

We both enjoy being outdoor and being with people. Her positive energy and her laughter always brighten the room she is in. During our first semester, we spent many Friday evenings exploring local ethnic food with friends from France, Tunisia, Mexico, and Venezuela. I have learned so much about Mexican culture from Cinco de Mayo, Quinceañera (15th birthday), to Dia de Los Muertos (All souls day) and from tacos to mole sauce.

We talked not only about food and important days but we also shared many moral and family values. Family is very important for both our culture and they are our best supporters in life, in good and in bad. Our parents have raised us with unconditional love and patience, which they also deserve in their old age.

At the end, Reyna is not only my lab mate, but she is my friend, and my biggest supporter here at Western. I admire her for her enthusiasm embracing challenges, excellent communication skills, and the drive to succeed. Thank you Western!”