Isabela & Reyna

Isabela and Reyna“Our friendship started organically when we were both new PhD students in the chemical and biochemical engineering department. I am an international student from Indonesia and arrived in Canada after finishing my Master in the USA. Reyna Gomez is an energetic and intelligent young woman from Mexico who absolutely loves her soccer and her tacos.

We both enjoy being outdoor and being with people. Her positive energy and her laughter always brighten the room she is in. During our first semester, we spent many Friday evenings exploring local ethnic food with friends from France, Tunisia, Mexico, and Venezuela. I have learned so much about Mexican culture from Cinco de Mayo, Quinceañera (15th birthday), to Dia de Los Muertos (All souls day) and from tacos to mole sauce.

We talked not only about food and important days but we also shared many moral and family values. Family is very important for both our culture and they are our best supporters in life, in good and in bad. Our parents have raised us with unconditional love and patience, which they also deserve in their old age.

At the end, Reyna is not only my lab mate, but she is my friend, and my biggest supporter here at Western. I admire her for her enthusiasm embracing challenges, excellent communication skills, and the drive to succeed. Thank you Western!”