Lay & Ahmed

Lay and Ahmed“I would like to add one of my funniest picture with an amazing person.


I don’t know , what should I say about you. Thanks for everything.

I still remembered, the day when we first met in ‘ Wich & Wich ‘ and you made everyone surprised by speaking 5 different languages. You are such a god gifted person.

I can’t describe about our friendship in such a short paragraph, but one thing I want to tell about is On one hand you are as funny as Mr. Bean & other hand you are best caring & emotional person.

We did all the crazy thing and it’s really fun when people say to me that’ You looks like Ahmed’s younger Brother !! ‘ Haha what else we want from people to say about our friendship.

I learnt a lot from you whether it’s your culture , Guitar, languages or how to make mimicry ! [LOL] !! I really gonna Miss you Man!!

Thanks for everything Ahmed.


Lay Tailor