Yunxu & Allison

Yunxu_Allison_sized.jpgYunxu is an international student from China and Allison is a domestic, francophone student from Ottawa. They met in Saugeen-Maitland Hall as floormates. They learned in Psychology 1000 that China and Canada have some of the most different cultures in the world. This didn't stop Yunxu and Allison from becoming best friends. 

Here is what Yunxu said about Allison: I like learning French phrases from Allison, even though my difficulty in pronouncing the r sound limits the words I can learn. Over the past two years, I successfully learned how to say things like: tu es une banane, rat, melon, tu es beau, kangourou, anana, patapouf. Allison is always very patient in correcting my pronunciation. I also taught Allison some words in Chinese but it made me realize that we are equally terrible in learning a new language. I believe it takes a lot of luck to meet someone like Allison and I really value our friendship.  

Here is what Allison said about Yunxu: I like discovering new foods and cultural traditions from Yunxu. This year, Yunxu hosted a mini Lunar New Year celebration where she introduced me to hotpot (it was so good!) and played traditional Chinese music. Yunxu has also made me rice, noodles and dumplings, which she helped me enjoy to the fullest by fixing my chopstick skills. To thank her, I often make traditional french-canadian food to share. In sharing many meals with Yunxu, I've come to realize that we both have a talent for occasionally burning things in the kitchen. I feel very fortunate to have met Yunxu at Western and predict that our friendship will last a very long time.  

In this picture, you can see Allison and Yunxu had a very interesting skating session, after which they went hunting for dumplings in downtown London. What a nice combination of two cultures!