What to Bring to Canada

Essential Documents

  • Valid passport (or proof of citizenship for U.S. citizens)
  • Valid Canadian Temporary Resident Visa (if applicable)
  • Letter of Introduction issued by the Canadian Visa Office that approved your Study Permit application. Submit this letter to a Canadian Immigration Officer when you arrive at the border to obtain your actual Study Permit.
  • Original Letter of Acceptance from Western University
  • Proof of funds available for your stay in Canada (money transfer, letter of credit, scholarship/assistantship letter, or other proof)
  • Marriage Certificate and/or proof of common-law status (if applicable)
  • Any other documents recommended by the Canadian Visa Office where you applied for your Study Permit
  • If you are a US Citizen/ Permanent Resident or a resident of Greenland or St. Pierre and Michelon and are applying for a study permit at the border ensure you have all the required documents and the application form.
Carry all of the above documents with you when you travel to Canada and be prepared to show them to the Canadian Immigration officials at the Canadian Port of Entry (e.g., the airport). Do not pack these documents in your checked luggage. Make photocopies to leave with family or friends at home.


Other Important Documents

  • A list of any items that you are sending separately or which you do not clear through customs when you arrive. Have the list stamped by immigration, if possible.
  • Medical and Immunization (vaccination) Records, translated, if possible
  • Medical Insurance Policy (if applicable)
  • Driver’s license or International Driver’s license, driving insurance records, and Vehicle Registration and Insurance Papers if you plan to drive in Canada
  • A list of important phone numbers


When you arrive in Canada, you should have access to at least enough money for your immediate needs (e.g., food and accommodation for your first week). We do not recommend carrying a large amount of cash, but having enough money for a pay phone call, a few meals and/or a taxi ride will make your trip more comfortable. Learn more.

Personal Items to Bring

  • Clothing for the different seasons
  • Something personal from home (music, pictures, books, movies, special food items, etc.) to help you feel comfortable as you settle in

Other Things You May Want to Bring

  • Medications you may need for the first few months
  • Medical prescriptions
  • A credit card
  • A long-distance phone card
  • A plug adapter OR a transformer for using electricity in Canada if you are bringing electrical appliances
  • Relevant documents from previous school. For example transcripts, awards, or any other certificates
  • Mobile phone that can be used in Canada. It reduces the cost for your phone plan if you bring your own device