New Students

JW mascot standing with a group of international students smiling off-camera

International Pre-arrival Welcome Modules

Whether this is your first experience living in Canada and apart from your family and friends or you’ve spent time here already, your first year at Western will mean adjusting to a new cultural, social, and academic environment. All new students are encouraged to review our Pre-Arrival Welcome Modules and participate fully in International Student Orientation.

Topics include:

  • Services and supports available from Western International
  • Academic values in Canada, academic culture and the unwritten rules of the Canadian university classroom
  • Finding housing and tips for living in London
  • Important immigration regulations for international students
  • Health care, health insurance and staying well in Canada

Study Permit and Immigration Information

  • Applying for your Study Permit
  • Important steps & documents
  • Your responsibilities

International Student Orientation

  • Event schedule
  • Pre-arrival Welcome Modules
  • Other orientation activities

What to Bring to Canada

  • Essential documents
  • Personal items and money
  • Electronics and Chargers

Finding Housing

  • On-Campus housing
  • Off-Campus housing
  • Temporary accommodations

How to Get Here

  • How to get to London
  • How to get to Western
  • London public transit

Health Care & Wellness

  • UHIP (University Health Insurance Plan)
  • Physical and mental health services
  • Health care providers and extended health insurance

Money & Banking

  • Tips to prepare before you arrive
  • Expenses to expect when you arrive
  • Banking information

Arrival & Settling In

  • When you should arrive
  • Setting up your home (Utilities, Mobile Phones, Internet)
  • Programs to help your transition

Western Basics

  • Key services for new students
  • Fees & tuition and your Western Identity
  • Course registration, Student Center, OWL, Western ONECard, bus pass

Undergraduate Student Arrival Checklist

Exchange Student Arrival Checklist

Graduate Student Arrival Checklist