Finding Housing

Students Moving In

Before you Start your Housing Search

When looking for a place to live, there are many things that you must consider such as how much you would like to spend on rent, who you want to live with, if you want to live alone and the ideal location of your student home. For more information on these considerations, please review our online module on Living in London and Finding Housing and look through some of the options and supports below for finding a place to live in London.

On-Campus Housing

Western offers a variety of housing options for students and their families:


The best on-campus experience for first-year and upper-year students.

University Apartments

Independent on-campus living for upper-year and graduate students.

Platt's Lane Estates

Family friendly on-campus living for upper-year, graduate students and students with families.

Off-Campus Housing

Western’s Off-Campus Housing team serves Western students and surrounding communities, helping with rentals, roommates, leases, landlords, neighbourhood-relations and life in London.

Depending on when you are looking, options may be limited and rental costs may be higher than anticipated. It is important to be flexible with your rental preferences. It is strongly recommended that you see the property and meet your roommates and landlord before signing a lease to ensure your needs and preferences are met.

Please visit the Off-Campus Housing FAQ page for some commonly asked questions and their answers about living off-campus.

Tip: If you don't have a place to stay when you arrive, don't forget to budget for somewhere  to stay while you search for housing.

Below is a list of important terms and considerations to start your housing journey but note that this is just a start. For more information, review the online module for Living in London or visit the Off Campus Housing site. They also provide specific additional information for international students.

Finding a Place to Live in London: First Steps

Note: Other websites such as Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace may advertise apartment and room rentals in London. Please be careful when using these services due to the increase in fraudulent rental properties. If you need help, reah out to Off-Campus Housing Services.

Housing Terms

  • Furnished: The apartment or house includes furniture that you can use during your stay as a tenant. Both furnished and unfurnished rental units are common in London.
  • Room/Apartment/House to Share: Single or shared accommodation in a private home where individuals in an apartment or house are looking for roommates. May include furniture, kitchen and/or laundry facilities. The bathroom is usually shared.
  • Apartment: A self-contained unit of one or more rooms, with kitchen and bathroom facilities. It may be a unit in a large building complex, or one floor of a private house with or without a private entrance.
  • Bachelor and Studio Apartment: A small self-contained unit where the bedroom, living room and kitchen (or kitchenette) is combined in one room. There are no walls separating space.
  • House or Townhouse: A self-contained unit on its own plot of land or joined to similar units.
  • Sublet: This is an arrangement where students “rent’ their apartment to someone else for the period when they will not be occupying it. For example, students who leave London for the summer often ‘sublet’ or rent their apartment or room to other students for a reduced rate while they are away in order to save money. They are still subject to the rental agreement with the landlord. It is recommended that you sign a written sublet agreement.

Off-Campus Housing Assistance for International and Exchange Students Prior to Arriving in Canada

Are you a new international or exchange student looking for off-campus housing before arriving in Canada?

Contact Off-Campus Housing Services for personalized assistance with your housing search in London, Ontario, even if you aren't in Canada yet. This service is only available to international and/or exchange students studying at Western University.

How can they help you?

  • Customized housing searches based on your needs.
  • Personal property viewings on your behalf.
  • Assist with your questions about off-campus housing, London services and amenities.

Email This service is offered from early May until the end of August each year. More information is available on the Off-Campus Housing website

**Please note this service is intended to connect you with housing. They are not involved in finalizing or securing a rental, nor can they make any guarantees regarding your living experience.**

Important Information About Leases

A tenancy agreement, also known as a lease or rental agreement, is a written, verbal or implied agreement between a landlord (owner) and a tenant (renter). Verbal agreements are valid. However, it is easier to prove the contents of a written agreement when there is case of a dispute. Most landlords require that tenants sign a lease. In addition, you should also know that:

  • When you are ready to sign your lease, the landlord may ask you to pay the first and last month’s rent up front (immediately). This is common and generally required.
  • You are NOT required to pay for the entire year of rent at the time that you sign the lease. After you sign the lease and pay first and last month's rent, you will pay rent once a month on the first of the month. Some landlords will accept payment by e-transfer and others may require cheques. Some may ask for post-dated cheques for the length of your lease.
  • It is important to ask for a receipt that you paid your rent each month, at the end of the year or before you move out. You will need the receipt for when you file your Canadian Taxes.
  • Some apartments require a guarantor who is a Permanent Resident of Canada to co-sign the lease. If you cannot secure a guarantor, you will have to look for another landlord/apartment that does not require one.
  • Do NOT sign any agreement before you read, fully understand and agree with all of the conditions. It is difficult to cancel a lease after you sign it and there is usually a large fee.
  • If the lease is in writing, the landlord must deliver a copy to you within 21 days.
  • Know the required procedures before ending a tenancy (e.g., notice of termination, early termination by a landlord, etc.).

General Resources for Students Living Off-Campus

Temporary Accommodation

In the event that you can't arrange housing before you arrive, there are a number of temporary accommodations that you could check on availability until you find a more permanent solution. Please note: The information below is subject to change.

Western Summer Accommodations (May 8 to August 17, 2024)

Staying in London over the summer? We have you covered! Western Summer Accommodations will open from May 8 until August 19, only to Western students, staff and faculty or referred guests. This will allow you to work, study or just enjoy what Western and London have to offer.

Motels and Hotels

There are a few small independent hotels located near Western and a number of larger hotels located in downtown London. Prices of hotels vary greatly and they can be generally more expensive than bed and breakfasts.

Guest House on the Mount

  • 1486 Richmond St (Ignatia Hall)
  • Telephone: 519-641-8100
  • Book Now

Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre

  • 551 Windermere Road
  • Telephone: 519-679-4546 or 1-888-678-6926 (toll free in U.S. and Canada)
  • Book Now

Hotels in downtown London