Financial Assistance

Western offers financial assistance to international students through scholarships, bursaries, work opportunities and emergency loans. To speak with someone on the phone or in person about financial assistance contact Student Financial Services or the International and Exchange Student Centre.

Undergraduate Students

Scholarships & Awards Program

International President’s Entrance Scholarships
As part of the National Scholarship Program, three scholarships worth $50,000 each are available to exceptional international students. Selection is based on outstanding academic performance, creative and innovative thought, and significant achievement in extracurricular activities. Students must complete a National Scholarship application which includes an essay and a nomination from their school. The application is available in mid-November. Additional information about the National Scholarship program

Virginia Harris International Admission Scholarships
Awarded annually to two full-time international undergraduate students entering their first year in any program who have attained the highest admission averages and who are not already receiving an admission scholarship. The Office of the Registrar will select two recipients. Value: $5,500.

Dr. Amit Chakma International Scholarship
Awarded annually to a full-time international undergraduate student entering first year of any program in any faculty, based on high academic achievement (minimum 90 per cent average). The Office of the Registrar will automatically offer the scholarship to the selected student based on their final admission average.Value: $2,500.

Organization of American States –Western University Scholarships
Prospective students with an offer of admission to Western who are also citizens of OAS member states are encouraged to visit the OAS Scholarships site to explore award values, eligibility and application requirements:

Visit the Office of the Registrar's page on Admission Scholarships to learn more about financial assistance that may be available to you when you to decide to come to Western.

International Student Work Opportunities Program (ISWOP)

The International Student Work Opportunities Program (ISWOP) is a work study program for international undergraduate (main campus degree) students designed to provide financial assistance through paid part-time employment on the campus. The program provides international undergraduate students with the opportunity to gain and enhance skills, obtain work experience in a Canadian context, engage with the campus community and enhance their experience of studying and living in Canada.

Please visit the ISWOP section for more information on how to apply and the application deadline.

O. Jane Plas Award

This award is given to an undergraduate international student from Mainland China, Mongolia or Tibet based on academic achievement at Western. The student must be beyond their first-year and have a full-time course load. To apply, download the application form from the Office of the Registrar (Awards & Scholarships) and submit a completed form to Student Financial Services, Western Student Services, Room 1100. This award was established by a generous donation from Jane Plas through Foundation Western.

Value: 1 award at $2,500
Deadline: September 2018

Frank Manning Bursary

Awarded annually to an international undergraduate student from a country in the Caribbean who demonstrates the greatest financial need. Candidates must be registered in the Faculty of Social Science.  Students must apply for this bursary by completing an application form and submitting it to the International and Exchange Student Centre by January 31st. This bursary was established through Foundation Western by donations from family in memory of Professor Frank Manning, a faculty member in Anthropology.

Value: 1 award at $300
Deadline: January 31, 2019

International Student Emergency Bursary Program

The International Student Bursary Program enables undergraduate international students in financial need to continue or complete their program of study at Western. Bursaries range from $300 to $2,000.

The applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • The student must be registered as a full-time, undergraduate student at Western University in a degree program. In special cases, a part-time student may be considered.
  • The student must be registered on Main Campus (i.e., students registered at an Affiliated College are not eligible to apply).
  • The student’s current financial difficulties must be a result of an unforeseen or emergency situation which the student could not control. The situation cannot be due to a lack of planning.
  • The student must submit satisfactory documentation showing evidence of his/her circumstance and demonstrate financial need through a modest standard of living. Applications without appropriate documentation will not be considered.
  • The student must have a valid Study Permit or Temporary Resident Permit.
  • The student must be a resident in Canada at the time of application.
  • The student must be in good academic standing.

To apply for a bursary, book an appointment with the International Student Advisor.

Graduate Students

Funding from the Society of Graduate Students (SOGS)

The Society of Graduate Students (SOGS) offers financial assistance to graduate students through a variety of programs. Membership fees and Grad Club profits fund these programs.
SOGS offers:

  • Emergency Loans
  • Child Care Subsidy 
  • Travel Subsidy
  • Out of Province Bursaries 

View a list of applications and financial assistance offered by SOGS.

Funding from the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS)

A number of funding is also available through SGPS. Some funding is awarded to you upon entry into a program, some is based on recommendations from the program that is admitting you, and others you must apply for yourself, either to Western University or to an external funding agency. For more details, please visit SGPS Funding Opportunities.

Graduate Teaching Assistants and Postdocs Union: PSAC Local 610

The PSAC Local 610 offers financial assistance to teaching assistants who are full-time graduate students and have worked as teaching assistants within the last eight months. For more information, contact PSAC Local 610.

Doctoral Medical Leave Bursary

Starting October 5, 2015, doctoral students may be eligible for a Medical Leave Bursary of up to $5,000 for one term of leave during the full duration of a student’s degree. The bursary will be available to any eligible doctoral students on a medical leave effective September 1, 2015. The bursary will be piloted for three years ending August 31, 2018. The bursary would be granted for a maximum of one term.  Students requiring a medical leave longer than one term would not receive additional funding. For details, please visit SGPS Leave of Absence information online

Ken Chu Master of Public Administration International Scholarship

Awarded annually to full-time international students from China who are enrolled in the Master of Public Administration program at Western based on academic achievement. To apply, download an application form and submit a completed application to the Master's of Public Administration Program. This scholarship was established through the generosity of the Chu Family.

Value: 1 award at $30,000
Deadline: January 2019

International Student Emergency Loan

Western offers short-term loans to international students who encounter unforeseen financial emergencies. The maximum loan is $500. Financial emergencies may arise as a result of medical expenses, delays in transfers of funds from outside of Canada, expensive textbooks, moving, etc. The International Student Emergency Loan Fund is a revolving fund that does not receive new capital each year; for this reason, every effort is made to exercise sound judgment to ensure that funds are not lost and that sufficient funds are available to assist students in the event of an emergency.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be currently registered at Western in an undergraduate or graduate program and provide evidence of good academic standing.
  • You must be registered on Main Campus (i.e., students registered at an Affiliate College are not eligible to receive this loan).
  • Financial need must be the result of an unforeseen/unforeseeable and temporary financial emergency.
  • The loan must be repaid within 90 days on a date agreed on by the International Student Advisor or Financial Aid Officer and the student borrower.

To apply for the International Student Emergency Loan, book an appointment with the International Student Advisor.

Scholarships from Western’s Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services (Office of the Registrar) administers bursaries, grants, loans and scholarships. While most of the monies are only available to Canadian citizens or permanent residents, in-course scholarships are available to international students. Most in-course scholarships and awards are automatically awarded based on course load and grades but some require a separate application. For more information visit Student Financial Services.

Student Financial Services

Room 1100, WSS

International and Exchange Student Centre

2nd Floor, IGAB
519-661-2111 ext. 89309