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Dental Plan

Undergraduate Students - USC Dental Plan

The USC Dental Plan coverage is included as an ancillary fee on your tuition fee bill if you are a full-time undergraduate international student (exchange and part-time students are not covered). Students can add their family (spouse and/or dependants) for an additional fee. The plan is effective from September 1 to August 31 each year. Students with or without dental coverage can opt-out of the dental plan in early September and will be refunded. For information regarding your health and dental plan programming please visit  for full details about coverage.

Graduate Students

Limited dental coverage is offered through the SOGS, and the PSAC Local 610 plans. If you do not have dental coverage you may choose to include a dental plan option with your supplementary health insurance plan.

Dental Care

Emergency dental treatment is available to the public at the Dentistry Clinic at Western University. An initial screening is conducted first. For subsequent appointments, patients must be prepared to spend approximately three hours per visit. This dentistry clinic is a teaching institution where you will be treated by dental students (who are under the direct supervision of qualified instructors). The dental treatment is not free; however, clinic fees are about two thirds less than the amount a private dentist would charge.

Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry - Dentistry Clinic

Location: Room 1003, Dental Sciences Building
Telephone: 519-661-3326

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