Safety Supports

Below are some critical supports and services that help keep our community safe. We recommend being aware of these services in case you need to use them during your time at Western. For more information, visit the Campus Safety and Emergency Services website.

If you have any questions about these services, you can always contact Western International at or 519-661-2111 ext. 89309.

Western Special Constable Service

side of Special Constable car with Western crest The Western Special Constable Service (formerly known as Campus Police) consists of a team of dedicated safety professionals focussed on ensuring the beautiful campuses of Western and its Affiliates, are safe and secure environments for all students, faculty, staff and visitors. Supported by the Western Special Constable Service Communication Operators within Western’s 911 Communication Centre, the Special Constables have many of the same powers authorities on campus as London Police Service has within the Province of Ontario.

Alert WesternU

Alert WesternU Emergency Notification, text in front of dark sky over Western

Alert WesternU is Western’s emergency mass notification system that issues important safety messages in the event of a community-wide. You can expect to be notified in the event of an imminent danger, campus evacuation or closure, weather emergencies, or university status updates due to weather. All students automatically get Alert WesternU notifications by email. However we strongly recommend that you customize your account to receive text notifications and download the app to your phone.

Blue Emergency Phones

blue emergency phone in front of students walking on the sidewalk on campusThe Code Blue Emergency Phones are emergency phones, which provide direct two-way communications to the Western Special Constable Service. There are 25 Emergency Phones located throughout the campus. Press the "Emergency" button for assistance. Bell pay phones on campus have a red button for a direct connection to the Western Special Constable Services. You can also call them for non-emergencies at 519-661-3300.

Foot Patrol

a student wearing a back pack walking in between two students with foot patrol vestsGet escorted safely across campus at night by student volunteers. Western Foot Patrol is a free service at Western that assists in keeping campus a safe place to study, work and live. Foot Patrol is dedicated to contributing to a safe campus community by conducting safe escorts and campus patrols.

Visit Foot Patrol for more on their services or if you would like to learn about volunteering.

SERT - Student Emergency Response Team

two SERT members wearing blue button down shirts and red SERT jackets with handheld speaker microphones attached to their shirt collarsWestern's Student Emergency Response Team (SERT) is a student run, volunteer organization providing emergency medical response to 9-1-1 calls on main campus, Brescia, and Huron campuses. They provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the academic school year and 8:30am-4:30pm weekday service from May to August. They are dispatched to any medical emergency on-campus, responding in three-person teams.

Visit the SERT website

Fire Safety at Western

side of fire safety van with the fire safety logo bar around the Western crest. The red door also says "fire safety, emergency management" Fire Safety is responsible for overseeing all fire and life safety systems on campus. Fire Safety staff coordinate regularly with our campus colleagues to answer questions, review operations and provide guidance. They create fire safety plans for all University owned properties, which includes testing of alarms. When a fire alarm sounds in a campus building, proceed to the enarest exit right away and get clear of the building. Wait for further instruction from fire safety staff or ambassadors before returning inside. 

Visit the Fire Safety website for more information. 

Safe Transportation

two long shuttle buses with the King's and Brescia logos parked in front of a university building Campus Shuttle Buses

Use Campus Shuttle Buses to get across campus and the affiliated colleges (Kings, Brescia and Huron) safely. These shuttles run during class times each day but do not run during the summer term. More details on route maps and schedules.

Mustang Express

The Mustang Express is a late-night shuttle service created by the USC to provide students with safe transportation home from Downtown after the LTC buses have stopped operating. All full-time and part-time Undergraduate UWO students are eligible to use this shuttle service with their Student ID.

Please visit Mustang Express website for more information.

Free USC Late Night Exam Shuttle Service

During the December and April exam period the University Students’ Council provides students with a late night Shuttle Service. If you plan to study late at Weldon or Taylor Libraries the Shuttle Buses depart from the Natural Science Building and from Oxford Drive (in front of the UCC Building). For complete details please visit the University Students’ Council website or contact the USC at 519-661-3722.

Note: these transportation services are subject to change. Please plan ahead and check the links above for up-to-date details.


Weather Siren

lighting strike on a dark sky coming from a black cloudWestern has an outdoor campus weather siren that will sound in case of an approaching tornado. If you hear the alarm – seek shelter in a building, ideally in a lower level or basement, away from windows. The weather siren is tested at 12 noon on the first Wednesday of each month. A message will convey that it is a test. If you don’t hear a test message, seek shelter as quickly as possible. For more information on what to do when you hear the siren, visit the Weather Siren website.