Post-Graduation Employment Program

Information for Employers

Why hire an international student from Western University?

International students can contribute their unique knowledge, perspectives and skills:

  • Canadian advanced education/credentials
  • Adapt easily to new situations
  • Demonstrate motivation and perseverance
  • Can work with diverse populations
  • Eager to contribute to Canadian work environments
  • Multilingual
  • International experience
  • Links to global markets

Hiring an international student enables your organization to better understand, serve and engage clients and partners.

Post-Graduation Work Permits for International Students

The Post-Graduation Employment Program provides graduating students with Canadian work experience. Students who have completed their program of study at a post-secondary institution in Canada can apply for a Work Permit and participate in this program for up to three years.

Do I, as the Employer, need to do anything extra to hire an international student?

Ensure that the international student you plan to hire has a valid Work Permit. Additionally, if the student does not have a Social Insurance Number, she or he will need to apply for one. Students can easily apply for a SIN.

Please feel free to contact an International Student Advisor at the International and Exchange Student Centre at Western if you have any questions about hiring one of Western’s international students.