The Canadian School System

In Canada, most children attend elementary school (or primary school) and then high school (or secondary school). Elementary school usually begins with kindergarten at age four or five, and continues until grade six or eight, depending on the school. Some children attend middle schools for two years before beginning high school. High school generally begins with grade nine at age 13 or 14 and finishes with grade 12. Before kindergarten, many young children attend pre-school.

For more information about the Canadian school system, visit the Government of Canada's page on the Structure of Schools in Canada.

Ontario Schools

In the province of Ontario, anyone under 18 years of age is considered  a ‘minor child.’ To attend schools in Canada, some international minor children require a study permit and some will not. Please visit Visas and Immigration for more information.

School Fees

School fees at Public and Catholic schools are waived for:
  • Children whose parents have applied for permanent residence status to Citizenship and Immigration Canada and plan to stay in the country
  • Children whose parents are studying at a publicly funded Ontario university or college

Visit the Ministry of Education's website for more information.

Public School Boards in London

Most Canadian children attend public school. Ontario has both English-speaking and French-speaking public school boards, and a Catholic school board. To register your child for school, contact one of the following boards:

Private Schools in London

View a list of private primary and secondary schools in London. Tuition fees are usually required for students to attend private schools. For more information visit the Ontario Ministry of Education.