Visas and Immigration

Minors Studying in Ontario

In the province of Ontario, anyone under the age of majority, which is 18 years of age in Ontario, is considered to be a “minor child.”

Are my children required to have a Study Permit in order to study in Canada?

“Your accompanying children may attend school in Canada. You must apply for their study permit at the same time as your application. If they intend to join you later, they must obtain a study permit before coming to Canada.” 

Minor children who do not need a Study Permit to study in Canada:

  • Minor children attending kindergarten;
  • Minor children who are refugees or refugee claimants, or whose parents are refugees or refugee claimants; and
  • Minor children who are already in Canada with parents who are allowed to work or study in Canada, and who want to attend pre-school, primary or secondary school”

Length of time a study permit is valid:

  • Minor children in grades 1 through 8:
    • The study permit is normally valid for one year.
  • Minor children in grades 9 through 12, or attending a post-secondary institution:
    • The study permit is normally valid for the length of time of studies, plus 90 days.


“If a minor child is with parents who have long-term study or work permits, the child’s study permit should be valid for the same length of time as:

  • The parents’ permits;
  • The child’s passport if it expires before the parents’ permits”